Meatball Curry (with eggs) – Kundaan Koftee

meatball kurry - kundaan koftee

    Kundaan Koftee are basically a type of meatball curry. This meatball curry is special because each meatball contains an egg inside. This is an advanced recipe that is sure to delight your family and friends. Difficulty: Advanced Servings: 7-10 Prep Time: ~ 5- 10 minutes Cook Time:  ~ […] Read more »

The BEST Pakora ever – Sabudana Ki Pakoree – Tapioca Pakora

  “Sabudana Ki Pakora” are a type of deep fried appetizers. Pakoras are pretty common in India but these are made out of tapioca and coconut which gives these really unique flavor and texture. We highly recommend you try these out as your friends and family are sure to love them. Difficulty: […] Read more »

Indian Style Thanksgiving Turkey

Check out this delicious Indian style Thanksgiving Turkey made with authentic Indian spices. Happy Thanksgiving! Difficulty: Advanced Servings: 12-16 (1lb per person) Prep Time: ~ 45 min – 60 min + marinate overnight Cook Time: ~ 4.5 hours Total Time: ~ 5.5 hours + overnight marination Ingredients: 12-16 lb Turkey 1½ cups of coriander powder […] Read more »

Indian Style Pumpkin – Kaddu Sabzi – Easy Indian Recipes – Indian Vegetarian Recipes

  Not sure what to do with your leftover pumpkin from Halloween? Try this delicious Pumpkin Sabzi this holiday season. It’s a great Indian Vegetarian recipe to share with family and friends. Difficulty: Easy Servings: 6-8 Prep Time: 10-15 min Cook Time: 50 – 60 min Total Time: ~ 75 minutes Ingredients: […] Read more »

Raan – Indian Lamb Leg – Indian Leg of Lamb

Deliciously flavorful, this Indian style leg of lamb is a formal delicacy. The robust flavor of the meaty lamb leg combined with authentic Indian spices makes this dish a mouth watering treat. This spicy dish, also known as Raan, is especially tasty served with a rice dish, such as a […] Read more »

Dahi Bada – Dahi Bhalla – Dahi Vada – Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Dahi Bada is an Indian recipe is made out of white lentils. These are prepared by frying them and then topping them off with spices and chutneys. Difficulty: Medium Servings: 8-10 Prep Time: 3+ hours to soak lentils/ 1+ hour to soak lentil balls in warm water Cook Time: 55-65 minutes Total Time: ~5 hours […] Read more »

Chicken Curry – Easy Chicken Curry Recipe – How to Make Curry

Easy Chicken Curry Recipe, easy Indian recipes

Here’s a delicious and easy chicken curry recipe  that’s made with classic Indian spices such as: turmeric, red chili, and coriander powder. Difficulty: Easy Servings: 6-8 Prep Time: ~10 minutes Cook Time: 55-65 minutes Total Time: ~75 minutes Ingredients:             1 whole chicken – washed and cut up into small pieces 1 large onion – sliced up […] Read more »

Ahloo Tikki – How to Make Aloo Tikki – Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Ahloo Tikki - How to Make Aloo Tikki - Indian Vegetarian Recipes

Ahloo Tikki or Aloo Tikki is a snack food commonly sold among the street vendors of India. “Aloo” means potato while “tikki” means a circular croquette. It’s served with various chutneys and spices. In this recipe, we’ve topped the Aloo Tikki several things including: yogurt, garbanzo beans, chutneys, and other spices. […] Read more »

Date Chutney – Easy Indian Recipes – Indian Vegetarian Recipes

easy Indian recipes, Indian vegetarian recipes, Indian food, chutney

  Date Chutney is a type of sweet and sour chutney that makes a great condiment for a variety of foods including Ahloo Tikki, Samosas, and Pakora. Difficulty: Easy Servings: 8-10 Cook Time: ~5 minutes Total Time: 15-20 minutes Ingredients: 7-8 dates 1 ½  cup of water ½ tablespoon of […] Read more »

Mango Kulfi – Indian Ice Cream – Easy Indian Recipes

easy Indian recipes, Indian vegetarian recipes

  Mango Kulfi is a type of Indian Ice Cream that’s delicious and easy to make. Difficulty: Easy Servings: 8-12 Cook Time: 20 to 25 minutes Total Time: 20 to 25 minutes + Freezing Ingredients: 15 oz of Mango Pulp 16 oz of Heavy Whipping Cream 12 oz of Evaporated Milk 14 oz […] Read more »